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Credit Repair

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"It is great to be getting 0% interest credit offers in the mail again & to know that I can go anywhere & buy anything at any time again." -Joseph:

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Get your credit and good name restored!!!  

We know because we did it ourselves before we started this business and when we realized the gem we had found, we added them to our team so we can help as many people as we can!!!

Legal Credit Repair

There are a number of people jumping into the credit repair business every day that are ill-equipped and are mainly interested in relieving you of your hard-earned money.  Their usual charge can exceed as much as $5000 before they are through with you!

Most credit repair companies start by charging you a couple of hundred dollars, then ask for more and then more.  We have a one time fee, deliver excellent quality results and done!  Start enjoying your new credit scores!  They waste your time, sometimes accomplishing nothing for you,  only to find that those items may pop back up on your credit reports again!!!  Some may even charge you thousands!!!  But we offer full legal credit repair!, Legally removing negative items from your credit! Our credit repair team has worked with, and is preferred by the credit reporting agencies for over 30 years!  Which means a long/reputable relationship of working with all of them.  Without a doubt the BEST in the country!!!...and the most reasonable rate for the quality of results, one of Proverbhomes standards!   

Don't Wait

• If your credit is not in good standing - then, you are literally in Credit Prison for 7-10 years!

• Your credit score is a number based on the information in your credit report compared to information on millions of other people's reports.  

• The resulting number is a measure of your credit risk and is used to predict how likely you are to pay your bills.  

• When you Remove the negative information you remove the credit risk, and then your credit improves!!!

• Each of the big 3 credit bureau scores is based on information they keep on file about you.  As this information changes, your credit score will change, and these 3 scores determine how much money you can borrow and the interest rate you will pay!

Quality Service

• We Clean your credit, Legally!!!

most quick credit repair companies can't, don't, and won't !!!

• Today, we currently do credit repair in all 50 states and seventeen foreign countries.

Our team also does business for a number of law firms throughout the country as well as professional athletes.

Get rid of:

Bankruptcies, Liens, Judgements, Collections, Repo's, Chargeoffs, Late Payments, Inquiries, School Loans, Child Support and More.....

WARNING:  98% of all people in the credit repair business do not know how to properly or legally repair your credit. 

We guarantee your satisfaction!!!

• Don't continue to give more of your hard earned money away because of negative credit, you could save a lot of money by having a better credit score!  Paying a lower rate for a house and other credit items could save you thousands in interest alone!!!  Money you could spend elsewhere!  We are a Christian business and we are all about helping people.  The message of Jesus Christ is that He loves you so much....that He died to wash away your sins and give you a new life with Him, likewise let us connect you with our credit repair team and clean up your credit too!!!  Then you can start saving money with lower rates on loans, car loans and get the home you want to have, and the list goes on......

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